me as 'amirah

me as 'amirah
aq bukan kaw,mereka...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


work hard = commitment
have fun = enjoy doing my job
make a difference = creativity

salam...heeeeeee...da lame an x post bout memyselfanneeye..
hihi...bukan apa laa kn.. quiet bz laa nowadays..ngee~~┐(','┐) (┌'⌣')┌
almaklumlah...selepas diisyhtiharkan aq boleyh berjimba2 bout 4months mcm 2laakn,balik2 trus isi form 4apply nak jd a sale's assistant a.k.a promoter at gift shop dekat2 umah je..
at 1st memng mengeluh laa an..mne xnye..sampai2 bustan ayah trus bwk g gft shop uh..aigoo~~
mmng unexpected laakn...seawal e2 ..hahah..
thn intrview...n..ALHAMDULILLAH...i got dat job(mcm kije besooo jep..)..huhu.. 
after 4days mcm 2laa kt umah ..finally aq pon melangkah berlalu keluar dr rumah(bukn lari dr rumah haa)
g kije laa 2 mknenyer..wahaaaa....xsmpai a week dok at umah da kije...lincah lipas kudung laa seyh..hahah
kije punya kija...finally da nak msok 1 month laa an aq kije..n today...I've already received ma 
1st SALARY!!!\(´▽`)/
sapa yang xekseted weyhhh...huhuhuhu...
yelaaa..1st time kije laa kte mcm jakun ckit laa an..hahah...(eyh..jgn ktawekn)
fyi memng laa sgt xcited n jakun xdehal punya..hiii
tapi an..memang SERONOK woooooo kerja nyh..yelaaa..
GRAPEVINE itu perkara biasa ok!!!hahahahah(tiap2 hari..ya ampun..)
i think, this is only for today..huhu..
this blog will be updated next time yaa..huhuhu...

luf : NUR'AMIRAH a.k.a aq pekerja sosial(duhh..cbe pk yg senonoh cikit)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


hateeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came to know Charlie. Weird huhh??? The name given is like a human name. But the reality is, it is an insect. It also called ‘semut semai‘, ‘semut kayap‘ and Rove beetle. The size of this insect is less than 1cm long. The colour of the body is dark reddish yellow, while the lower abdomen and the head are dark in colour. The middle of the abdomen is dark green and it consist of a pair of hard wing known as “elitron”. Under the hard wing, there are a pair of transparent wings which are nicely folded.

Oftentimes, these insect seem to crawl quickly with the wings hidden. When they are disturbed, these insect will raise their lower abdomen (it look like a scorpion) to frighten the enemy.
These Charlie can be found in the paddy fields, field school – in the grass etc. It is a carnivorous insect by which it’s feed on smaller insects. It is an insect that plays an important role in the control of biology in paddyfield by controlling paddy pests. During a heavy rain or flood, these insect will migrate to drier areas.
Ready for flight
Ready for flight
When threatens
When threatens
Effect of Pederin
The saddest part of all is their effect on human. The Hemolimf liquid contained in the body of these insect (except wings) contains the most poisonous animal touch toxin in the world. This toxins known as ‘pederin‘ (C24 H43 O9 N) named in the year 1953. It has a level of poisoning is 12 times more than a cobra venom possesses. Rove beetles that have been dried and stored for 8 years still have its toxic. Contiguity or a contact with the beetle, while moving or during sleep, destroying it at/with body  or rub it with a dirty finger will cause conjunctivitis and severe skin disease known as ‘dermatitis linearis, ‘paederus (rove beetles /
Harmful of Pederin
staphylinidae) dermatitis‘, ‘Whiplash dermatitis‘ and others. 

*p/s: huuu..memang suffer laa......

Saturday, March 19, 2011




                                          me with ma org,intan,ieka,ija
we belong,kau,dye ade je ble2 mse..


hahahaha.....berjimba2 gn korg.memng superb best beginning ktenyer..hahha..
agak xleyh blaa sbnanyer..hahha..tapi mmng best laaaa....abes sinetron tah sinetron pe tah tjuknyer...tros kiter berjimba2..hahhaha...sgt menarik tjuk sinetron 2..huhuhuhuh..


Without you, I live it up a little more every day
Without you, I'm seeing myself so differently
I didn't wanna believe it then but it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away, well, I never thought I'd say
I'm fine without you

hahahhaha......mcm tok ehem2 plak lgu faham x mksudnyer???ahaaaa..
just live ur life.....ooooooo ooooooooo..huhuhuhu...

aq yg ade kt cni (~~,)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


haii bloggerzz!!!
dah lme aq x update blog nyh kn...
bz laaa...
aq byk gak nk citer kt xtau leyh smpat hbiskn ke x coz ade lg chaptr nk ne cover..
(smpat lg weyh update blog)

nak gitaw nyh..diz week aq serabai+kusut msai+serabut + yg sekutu bginyer..
  • this week adelah mid-term week(byk nk ne wt rvision)
  • assgnment ade berapa yg ne sttle kn...coz due date nyer da nk smpai(terkejar2 ke sana ke mari weyh)
  • pk psal hal2 yg yg mnyebabkn keserabutan kepala otak ku..(sian neutrons ku)
  • HOMESICK!!!!!!!! (bold lg haa)...cyesly homesick weyh...lg aq resa windoo org2 kt uma lg laa ayah call2 tiap hari...ayah cm tau2 je an aq tgh HOMESICK..parah daa nyh homesick aq..haihhhhh...ade sesape yg nak tumpangkn aq blek MUO x???
waa nak balik nak balik nak balik...............

definition 4 HOMESICK:
kaw rase sedih coz ko jao dr RUMAH, FAMILY N KWAN2 @GENG2 PONDOK2 kt kg kaw....
huiihh..nyh laa yg aq gase now weyh...haihhh...(terok da nyh)

tape2...i still can wait ...
habis assgnmnt pe semua aq akn balik..hahahahhaha(gelak pnuh misi nyh weyh)
korg ade yg nk 4low x???
tmn aq balik..huhuhuhu

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my real madness~~ i'm addicted to shawls and da accessories !!!

salam sejahtera semua(uihh.nmpk skema laa i..hii) nak gtaw nyh..lg2 kt dak2 gurlz nyh..
uhuiii..especially 4 those yg wearing hijab..


sweetkn color shawl nyh~

aq jd rmbang mata laa~

aq nak yg nyh

nyh juge

nyh sgt laa menarik~~

mcm2 ade laa

uhuuiiiii..mata leyh juling laa weyh~~



ouhh..flora..cntek if jd accessory ..

nyh pin 4 hijab uh..

yaaa..i'm totally insane with those shawls
gosh..i really want 2 have at least 1..
uhuu..tapi aq nyh jarng2 ler kuo umah..
nyh ta bleyh jadi memng perlu berusaha keras tok dptkn bnde2 nyh..
tak lah sekeras mne pon..
slagi pocket @ dana ku msih terkndung 4lus ..pasti mdah nak dpt an mnde nyh..ngeh3~~
* itu pon loh 4lus ku masyuk ler..
haha.. btol2 addicted kt shawls..huiii..
*luahan perasaan ku yg lara..

*p/s: aq bukn bejual smue mnde2 seperti di atas ye..


Friday, December 24, 2010

aq...c gojes2

a moment as friend

apy time wif her..her..& her


absolutely gojes

my mommy!!!

her & her...
good buddies

my ronggengs' crewzz


when gorgeous meets fabulous

2 hotttt!!

sweet yaawww2

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