me as 'amirah

me as 'amirah
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Sunday, April 17, 2011


hateeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came to know Charlie. Weird huhh??? The name given is like a human name. But the reality is, it is an insect. It also called ‘semut semai‘, ‘semut kayap‘ and Rove beetle. The size of this insect is less than 1cm long. The colour of the body is dark reddish yellow, while the lower abdomen and the head are dark in colour. The middle of the abdomen is dark green and it consist of a pair of hard wing known as “elitron”. Under the hard wing, there are a pair of transparent wings which are nicely folded.

Oftentimes, these insect seem to crawl quickly with the wings hidden. When they are disturbed, these insect will raise their lower abdomen (it look like a scorpion) to frighten the enemy.
These Charlie can be found in the paddy fields, field school – in the grass etc. It is a carnivorous insect by which it’s feed on smaller insects. It is an insect that plays an important role in the control of biology in paddyfield by controlling paddy pests. During a heavy rain or flood, these insect will migrate to drier areas.
Ready for flight
Ready for flight
When threatens
When threatens
Effect of Pederin
The saddest part of all is their effect on human. The Hemolimf liquid contained in the body of these insect (except wings) contains the most poisonous animal touch toxin in the world. This toxins known as ‘pederin‘ (C24 H43 O9 N) named in the year 1953. It has a level of poisoning is 12 times more than a cobra venom possesses. Rove beetles that have been dried and stored for 8 years still have its toxic. Contiguity or a contact with the beetle, while moving or during sleep, destroying it at/with body  or rub it with a dirty finger will cause conjunctivitis and severe skin disease known as ‘dermatitis linearis, ‘paederus (rove beetles /
Harmful of Pederin
staphylinidae) dermatitis‘, ‘Whiplash dermatitis‘ and others. 

*p/s: huuu..memang suffer laa......

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